Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
April 12, 2002 - June 13, 2002

During this period, there were 2 piling maintenance trips and 1 dive monitoring trip. On April 20, the light at Keesler Reef "E" was replaced. On May 21, the Pascagoula Front Beach Reef Light was replaced. On May 25, dive monitoring was conducted on the Corps Barge in FH-2.
Light Maintenance
On March 27, MGFB received a letter from the Coast Guard to replace a piling light that had been reported extinguished. The letter indicated a position off Pascagoula Front Beach but the letter designation matched that of Keesler Reef. A call was placed to their office to clarify the position. The Office indicated the light that was extinguished was that of Keesler Reef off of Deer Island. On April 20, the light at Keesler Reef was replaced. After returning to the dock and the sun setting, the light that was removed came on and functioned normally. This light did not need to be replaced. A letter was written to the Coast Guard to explain what happened and to ask they provide a contact in the future. They responded stating that the extinguished light was indeed off Pascagoula Front Beach. On May 21, a trip was made to service that light. Because of the way the lights were mounted, it was impractical to remove the existing light. Therefore a treated 2" X 4" X14' board was used to make a mast with a plywood platform to mount the new light on. It was lag bolted to the side of the piling. The light that was taken down from Keesler Reef was remounted at Pascagoula Front Beach. It was noted that both Keesler Reef and Pascagoula Front Beach Reef are designated with the letter "E" which accounts for the discrepancy. Re-Designation of one of the reefs is being addressed.
011114 Corps Barge 259F2
Center Position: 3004.776'N/8834.608'W 12426.5/47042.3/29600.3
This 200 foot work barge was sunk on November 14, 2001 in the southwest corner of FH-2. The bow is facing in a southwest direction and the coordinates were recorded at 3004.770'N/8834.624'W. The Stern at 3004.785'N/8834.592'W. The surrounding depth was 58 feet and water clearance was recorded at 34 feet, showing the significant height of this vessel. While only a few target sized game fish were sighted, there was a great abundance of baitfish. Blue Runners (150-200), Bluefish (100-125), and Spadefish (25-50) dominated the mid-water, while Sheepshead (10-15), Red Snapper (10-15), and a couple triggerfish were sighted on the structure. In addition, there was a multitude of pinfish, pogeys, and other very small bait fish, as well as several rock bass, cocoa damsels, arrow crabs, and gastropods such as horse conchs. This reef is indeed on its way to contributing to increased fish populations in the Gulf. Structurally, the vessel has many holes, openings, cavities, and rip rap which appears to really help entice the smaller bait fish. Some washout holes were noted at both the Northeast and Southwest corners of the vessel. A multitude of shells collect in the washouts and several small sand bass have setup residence. Perhaps the orientation of the barge and the direction of natural currents create this phenomenon.

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