Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
January 11, 2002 - March 14, 2002

During this period, there was 1 reef construction trip and 1 dive monitoring trip conducted. On February 24, the Barge "Adeline" was deployed in FH-2. On March 7, a trip was made with ETV to Southhampton Reef in FH-13 which was recently deployed on December 7, 2001.

020224 Adeline Barge 261F2

Stern Position: 3004.989'N/8832.914'W 12443.8/47043.1/29627.8
Construction was performed by Gulf Stream Marine and spotter operations by PRIMOFISH.COM. This 100'X28'X6' Deck Barge, donated by Vice Construction, was deployed in the southeast corner of FH-2. The bow was facing approximately 320 and was located at 3005.000'N/8832.921'W while the stern was recorded at 3004.989'N/8832.914'W. The surrounding depth was 58 feet. The minimum depth was recorded at 42 feet due to protruding steel pipes off the deck. The vessel was stubborn, being filled with water but lingering at the surface for some time before finally sinking to her final resting spot. The initial plan was to place her a little further west and center her between rubble piles, but instead ended up on the western edge of the southeastern rubble piles. Nevertheless, she should perform well as a new fish haven.

Dive Trip

On March 7, a dive trip was made out to the Southhampton Reef in FH-13. The dive crew consisted of Mark Miller of MGFB, Kirk Loy and Philip of Mississippi ETV, and Ian Workman of the National Marine Fisheries Service. It was desired to conduct interviews on hypoxia and fishing regulations and to visit the newly deployed reef to see how it was progressing. Kirk had equipment to allow for underwater interviews, but water conditions were very poor with visibility less than 5 feet. Light was not penetrating much over 50 feet of depth. The poor conditions prevented underwater interviews and severely hampered observations. It was noticeable, however, that some fish are inhabiting the reef. Observations included spade fish (50-75, 4"-6"), sheepshead (8-10, 4-6 lbs.), and a single vermillion snapper. It was interesting to see most of the fish (including the spade fish) inside of the structure. It is unknown if the poor water conditions or low light levels may have been factors in this behavior. Topside interviews were successful and a commercial snapper boat was observed fishing a nearby gas platform. Video was taken of their fishing tactics and their high mortality problems with the young snapper.

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