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Activity Report for the Period
October 11 - November 14, 2002

During this period, there were 4 rubble deployments (SC#11 thru #14) from the seaway staging site to FH-2 and FH-11 which occurred on October 25, 30, 31, and November 8. A Dive Survey was made to the DISH Wreck in FH-13 on October 25 (Deer Island South Hampton Vessel). On November 9, 2002, a trip was made to retrieve a broken piling at FH-10 Horn Island Middle Ground Site. The piling was towed and beached on the west shore of Round Island to prevent it from being a navigation hazard. The Marker Boards and light were gone.

011207 DISH WRECK (Deer Island South Hampton Reef) 260F13

Position: 2959.829'N/8830.109'W 12472.4/47022.1/29625.0
This 155' Steel Hull Vessel was sunk on December 7, 2001. It was desired to assess her advancement as a viable reef and to determine any effects from Hurricanes Isidore and Lily which passed thru this year. It appears that the vessel's position was shifted a little to the north. Very poor visibility hampered visual observations of damage, but it was noticed that the bow ladder was very loose and close to becoming detached. It is believed that the bow was rocked and pivoted to the north during Isidore. A three foot deep hole in the bottom was recorded at the old bow coordinates of 2959.815'N/8830.095'W. The new bow coordinates were recorded at 2959.830'N/8830.102'W. The highest point, which is near the bow, was recorded at the coordinates 2959.829'N/8830.109'W. A piece of 300 pound test nylon line was run from the bow ladder to the satellite reef 020823/273F13 located 300 feet to the east at 2959.810'N/8830.058'W 12473.0-1/47022.2/29625.5. This will aide divers to visit both reefs without surfacing and make dive assesments of both reefs easier. If this method works well, more lines will be placed on other reef complexes. Visibility was so poor from top to bottom that fish observations were fruitless, however, schools were observed on the fish sounder in the boat.

Seaway Clearing Project
Efforts to clear out the seaway staging property of concrete rubble continue. Due to increased work load created by this season's Hurricanes, Vice Construction turned over all Tug operations to Colle Towing. PRIMOFISH.COM provided spotter boat operations. Rubble was deployed in FH-2 on October 25 & November 8. More Rubble was deployed in FH-11 on October 30 and 31. Details of the deployments are shown below.

021025 FH-2 North end Rubble, SCR11, 283F2
Position: 3005.538'N/8833.561'W 12437.3/47045.4/29614.0
North end of FH-2. The surrounding water depth was 54 feet with a minimum depth of 44 feet recorded. Predicted tide level was 0.1 feet with a range of 0.1 to 2.0 feet. Large Bases mostly, a few T's. Secondary pile at 3005.483'N/8833.654 12436.3/47045.1/29612.8. East wind 16 knots, seas 4 feet. Strong current to southwest.

021030 FH-11 North End rubble, SCR12, 284F11
Position: 3015.952'N/8853.991'W 12226.0/47082.5/29449.1
North end of FH-11/9. Surrounding depth was 17 feet with a minimum depth of 12 feet recorded. Predicted tide level was 0.7 feet with a range of 0.2 to 1.9 feet. Large Bases mostly, a few T's. Scattered to S/SW. NE wind 12 knots.

021031 NorthEAST FH-11 Rubble, SCR13, 285F11
Position: 3015.852'N/8853.744'W 12228.6/47082.1-2/29451.2
Northeast end of FH-11/9. Surrounding depth was 17 feet with a minimum depth of 14 feet recorded. Medium small rubble, a few large bases, lighter than normal load. NE wind at 25 knots. Heavy drift to SW. Tide was 0.3, Range 0.3 to 1.7.

021108 Corps Barge SE Rubble Satellite, SCR14, 286F2
Position: 3004.745'N/8834.525'W 12427.4/47042.0/29601.0
SE of Corps Barge about 300 meters. SW end of FH-2. Surrounding depth was 57 feet with a minimum depth of 51 feet recorded. Medium to large rubble, smaller than previous load. NE wind at 12 knots. SW drift. Pretty well concentrated. Tide was -0.3, Range -0.4 to 2.3.

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