Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
November 15 - January 9, 2003

During this period, there were 5 construction trips and 1 dive monitoring trip. Seaway clearing continued with loads 15 thru 18 going on sites FH-1, 12, 10, and 11, respectively. On November 19, the first 60 armored personnel carriers (APCs) were deployed in FH-2 and FH-1 followed by the sinking of a 250' x 50' x 20' wave attenuator barge donated by Casino Magic. On December 8, an dive was made on APC 1C, but extremely poor visibility rendered the efforts fruitless.

APC and Casino Magic Barge Deployments

The first 60 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) were deployed on November 19. As the units were pushed off the barge, locations were marked. Sometimes 2, 3, or even 4 units went off the barge nearly simultaneously. When this occurred, only one coordinate was recorded. If there was enough space between deployments, then additional coordinates were recorded. With this fashion of deployment, the units were ID'd using a numbering scheme of a major group number and a unit(s) letter. For example, APC1A means the first unit(s) in major group 1. Remember that some of the spots have multiple units, the most likely of which are marked with an asterisk *. Each spot was revisited to fine tune the coordinates.

The first half dozen (288F2 - 293F2, APC1A thru APC2C) were put as satellites around the 011114 Corps Barge 259F2 in the southwest end of FH-2. Units 294F2/APC3A thru 299F2/APC4B were placed as undisclosed control reefs for comparison studies against the published units. The remaining units, 300F1/APC5A thru 323F1/APC9K were placed down the east side of FH-1. Many were used as satellites around the "A" Barge (Group 5). A few (6A, 7A, and 8A) were trickled down thru Rubble 2 and continuing south, with a large grouping (Group 9) near the southeast end of FH-1. The Casino Magic Barge was layed to rest a little east/northeast of this gouping with the bow facing in a mostly south direction. Winds were south at 12-14 knots, current running NE at 1.5 knots. Predicted Tide at the beginning was 0.0 and 1.1 feet at the end of the day. The range was -0.1 to 1.7 feet. Surrounding water depth for the barge was 65 feet with a minimum depth of 46 feet recorded. Two APC units were on the deck as the vessel sunk. Pictures were posted on the MGFB website. The coordinates were recorded as follows:

288F2/APC1A: 3004.708'N/8834.627'W 12426.4/47041.9/29599.9
289F2/APC1B: 3004.722'N/8834.635'W 12426.3/47041.9/29599.8
290F2/APC1C: 3004.740'N/8834.649'W 12426.2/47042.0/29599.8
291F2/APC2A: 3004.791'N/8834.675'W 12425.8/47042.2/29599.6
292F2/APC2B: 3004.823'N/8834.682'W 12425.8/47042.3/29599.9
293F2/APC2C: 3004.782'N/8834.745'W 12425.1/47042.1/29598.8
300F1/APC5A: 3003.590'N/8836.695'W 12405.4/47037.4/29574.3
301F1/APC5B: 3003.596'N/8836.706'W 12405.3/47037.3/29574.2
302F1/APC5C: 3003.622'N/8836.728'W 12405.1/47037.4/29573.9
303F1/APC5D: 3003.666'N/8836.727'W 12405.1/47037.6/29574.3
304F1/APC5E: 3003.664'N/8836.616'W 12406.2/47037.5/29575.3
305F1/APC5F: 3003.705'N/8836.650'W 12405.8/47037.8/29575.1
307F1/APC5H: 3003.562'N/8836.579'W 12406.7/47037.1/29575.4
308F1/APC5I: 3003.552'N/8836.620'W 12406.2/47037.1/29574.8
309F1/APC5J: 3003.581'N/8836.564'W 12406.8/47037.2/29575.5
312F1/APC8A: 3003.358'N/8836.544'W 12407.0/47036.3/29574.9
313F1/APC9A: 3003.191'N/8836.516'W 12407.3/47035.7/29574.3
314F1/APC9B: 3003.210'N/8836.520'W 12407.3/47035.8/29574.4
316F1/APC9D: 3003.119'N/8836.541'W 12407.0/47035.4/29573.9
317F1/APC9E: 3003.104'N/8836.536'W 12407.1/47035.4/29573.8
318F1/APC9F: 3003.093'N/8836.508'W 12407.4/47035.3/29574.2
319F1/APC9G: 3003.073'N/8836.525'W 12407.2/47035.2/29573.8
320F1/APC9H: 3003.108'N/8836.491'W 12407.6/47035.3/29574.4
321F1/APC9I: 3003.129'N/8836.495'W 12407.6/47035.5/29574.3
322F1/APC9J: 3003.192'N/8836.517'W 12407.3/47035.7/29574.5
323F1/APC9K:3003.211'N/8836.520'W 12407.247035.7/29574.4*

021119 Casino Magic Barge, 324F1
Position: 3003.147'N / 8836.448'W 12408.0/47035.5/29574.9
Bow: 3003.128'N / 8836.445'W
Stern: 3003.166'N / 8836.453'W


Seaway Clearing Project
Efforts to clear out the seaway staging property of concrete rubble continue. FH-1 receieved its first deployment on November 18. Likewise, FH-12 got its first load on November 25. On December 3, FH10 got it's third load, and on December 12, FH-11 recieved its fourth load. Details of the deployments are shown below.

021118 FH-1 SOUTHEAST Rubble SC1, SCR15, 287F1
Position: 3003.332'N/8836.388'W 12408.6/47036.2-1/29576.2-3
Southeast end of FH-1. The surrounding water depth was 64 feet with a minimum depth of 58 feet recorded. Predicted tide level was 0.8 feet with a range of 0.2 to 1.6 feet. Medium to large rubble. SE wind 5 knots. Light current to north-northwest.

021125 FH-12 NE rubble, SCR16, 325F12
Position: 3002.892'N/8845.307'W 12318.3/47034.1/29484.4-5
NE end of FH-12. Surrounding depth was 43 feet with a minimum depth of 39 feet recorded. Predicted tide level was -0.4 feet with a range of -0.5 to 1.9 feet. Medium to Large Rubble. Runs mostly North (.912) to South (.872). East wind 12 knots. Current to SW.

021203 NorthEAST FH-10 Rubble, SCR17, 326F10
Position: 3015.960'N/8838.918'W 12382.2-3/47085.4-5/29601.8-9
Northeast end of FH-10. Surrounding depth was 15 feet with a minimum depth of 12 feet recorded. Medium rubble. East wind at 6 knots. Slow current to NW. Predicted Tide was 0.8, Range -0.6 to 2.0 feet. Third seaway clearing rubble in FH-10.

021212 Southwest Rubble FH-11, SCR18, 327F11
Position: 3015.445'N/8854.215'W 12223.9/47080.6-7/29444.8
SW end of FH-11. Surrounding depth was 18 feet with a minimum depth of 15 feet recorded. Medium to small rubble. East wind at 16-20 knots. Current to west @ 3 knots. Tide was 0.3, Range 0.3 to 0.8. Fourth seaway clearing rubble in FH-11.

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