Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
July 9 thru August 12, 2004

During this period, there was 1 Reef Monitoring Trip to the Abstract Barge in FH-13 and 2 construction trips to replace 3 lighted pilings at Pascagoula Front Beach, FH-10 Horn Island Middle Ground, and Keesler Reef off Deer Island. On July 24, video was taken of the Gwen Tide in FH-13. Spotter Operations for the month may be covered by the DMR under a separate report.

030708 Abstract Barge, 409F13
Position: 3003.673'N / 8832.137'W 12452.0/47038.0

On July 17, a trip was made to the Abstract Barge in an effort to collect video, pictures, and make observations. Conditions were poor with relatively high winds and poor visibility. Observations revealed that a very large shrimp net had entangled the reef and destroyed or laid over much of the enhancement structures placed on the deck. The net along with 10 foot doors and a significant amount of cable and lines encompasses much of the eastern to mid portion of the reef. Poor visibility hampered observations so a return trip was made on July 22 after placing pilings at Pascagoula Front Beach and the Horn Island Middle Ground Reef FH-10. Those observations were a little better, but still not ideal. Some of the welded deck structures were laid over and others have disappeared. The structures seem to still be providing enhancement but not as effectively as before. More observations are required to better determine the situation and if any intervention is necessary. Fish sightings on the first trip were limited due to conditions, but included numbers of spadefish (200-250), small triggerfish (100-150), small red snapper (50-75), and a cobia (25-30 lbs.). The followup trip had similar sightings, but also included several grouper (6-8/4-15 lbs.). Many of the fish were sighted in the upper mid-water. Also smaller baitfish, hi-tops, urchins, and a butterfly fish were noted taking residence. On July 24, some progress video was taken of the Gwen Tide in FH-13 while coming in from a fishing trip.

Lighted Pilings Replaced
After receiving a report from the Coast Guard, new pilings, dayboards, and lights were replaced by T&W Marine close to the old locations as follows. On July 22, the piling was short at FH-10 so a return trip was made on July 23 with a longer piling.

On July 22, 2004: MGFB Pascagoula Front Beach Reef Light "E", Light List #7477, 3020.013'N 8832.265'W

On July 23, 2004: MGFB FH-10 Horn Island Middle Ground Reef Light "A", Light List # 7207, 3015.940'N 8838.925'W

On July 29, 2004: MGFB Keesler Reef Light "K", Light List # 7514.1, 3021.903'N 8853.077'W

Please note we used the letter "K" on Keesler Reef instead of "E" to avoid future confusion with Pascagoula Front Beach.

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