Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
January 9 - February 12, 2004

During this period, there was 1 video trip conducted by PRIMOFISH.COM. Spotter Operations for the month may be covered by the DMR under a separate report. On January 22, a trip was made to the Gwen Tide in FH-13 to make observations and take video. This 180 foot Supply Boat is taking hold as a new reef as small juvenile fish make it their new home.

031125 Gwen Tide Reef, 417F13
Bow Position: 2959.560'N / 8831.870'W 12454.8/47020.9/29606.2
On January 22, a trip was made to the Gwen Tide which was deployed on November 25. Observations confirmed the Vessel to be sitting upright and have about 44 feet of water clearance. Depth readings indicated 60 feet at the bow and 70 feet at the back deck. The surrounding water depth was about 84 feet. The growth was limited to algae and no barnacles or invertebrates were seen, perhaps due to this cold water time of year. There were no large game species sighted yet, but a substantial number of juvenile snapper, spades, pin fish, cigar minnows, and blue runners, roamed throughout the reef. Particularly around the stairways, side rails and inside the wheel house. Juveniles particularly seemed to like the protection offered within the wheel house with all of the cut out windows providing escape paths. The fads were observed to be providing additional relief although they may also snag fishing hooks as well. Overall, the observations reveal this reef to be progressing nicely and will provide an excellent fishing and scuba diving reef for many years.

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