Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
October 10, 2003 - January 8, 2004

During this period, there were 2 construction trips and one video trip conducted by PRIMOFISH.COM. Other Spotter Operations for the month may be covered by the DMR under a separate report. On November 22, a trip was made to FH-7 and video was taken above the Rowan. On November 25, 2003, the Gwen Tide was sunk in the southwest end of FH-13 and a new site buoy was deployed in FH-13. On December 1, a lighted piling was placed at the Handkerchief Shoal Reef in Waveland.

031125 Gwen Tide Reef, 417F13
Bow Position: 2959.560'N / 8831.870'W 12454.8/47020.9/29606.2
On November 25, the Gwen Tide was deployed in the southwest corner of FH-13 at the above coordinates. This massive supply boat, obtained from Tidewater Marine, measures about 180 feet in length, has a 40' beam, and the top of the wheel house rises about 45 feet above her keel. The surrounding water depth measured 84 feet and a minimum water depth of 44 feet was recorded. Indications are that she landed upright with the bow facing approximately East. The vessel was thoroughly cleaned and made environmentally safe. In addition, numerous holes were cut out and FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) were placed around the hull. This massive reef should make an excellent reef for both fisherman and especially scuba divers. The water depth above the Stern Deck measured 64 feet and the coordinates were recorded as 2958.557'N/8831.896'W 12454.6/47020.9/29605.9. The tide was at 0.0' with a range of -0.9@9AM to 2.5'@11PM. The Northstar 951XD DGPS receiver was tracking 9 Satellites, had a hoop of 0.9, and a computed accuracy of 8 feet.

While en route to location, a new FH-13 Buoy was deployed at 3000.506'N/8831.027'W 12463.1/47024.9/29618.6. This position is about 1.7 nautical miles at 171 from the previous buoy position. The buoy is bright yellow and stands about 8 feet out of the water.

Handkerchief Shoal Key Lighted Marker Piling
Position: 3016.245'N / 8918.818'W 11969.5/47078.8/29199.0
T&W Marine was contracted to install a lighted marker piling for Handkerchief Shoal Key off Hancock County. The key runs in a north to south boomerang shape with channel marker #2 off the southwest end and channel marker #4 off the northwest end. This new piling was placed to the East of its midsection at the above coordinates. The new 50 foot piling stands about 15 feet out of the water, has a 6 second flashing yellow light, and 3 'X 3' bright yellow day boards with reflective border tape. The keys north end coordinates are 3016.360'N/8918.905'W. South end Key coordinates are 3016.125'N/8918.865'W. Mid section is at about 3016.290'N/8918.848'W. The #2 Channel Marker is at 3016.037'N/8918.926'W while the #4 Channel Marker is at 3016.387'N/8918.922'W.The water depth maintains about 6 feet close in around the key, but caution should be exercised as a few barely submerged pieces were noted. Predicted tide level at the time of deployment was 0.2' with a range forecast of 0.2 to 1.3 feet. Northstar 951XD DGPS was tracking 9 SATs, 1.0 hoop, and a computed accuracy of 9 feet.

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