Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
August 12, 2005 thru October 12, 2006

Hurricane Katrina came thru on August 29, 2005 and accounts for the lack of reports and data for the period. Although this is the first report by primofish.com for MGFB during the period, there have been several vessels deployed. On April 24, 2006, the 48' Capt Kevin Cuevas (433F2) and 70' Joe Curtis-Mary Landry Reefs (previously the 4Boys, 434F13) were created in FH-2 and FH-13 respectively utilizing 2 hurricane damaged shrimp boats. Click Here for More Details. On June 24, 2006, a 145' River Tug Boat, the Gerald C. Corcoran Reef (previously the Linda Susan, 435F13), was deployed in FH-13. Click Here for Some Photos. On September 9, 2006, two more Shrimp Boats, the St. John and the Tuan Phong, were deployed in FH-13.These last two will be covered in this report as well as a Post Storm visit to the Gwen Tide. Historical information on these reefs was not obtained in time for this report but may be covered by the DMR under separate reports and may be included in a future report.

031125 Gwen Tide Reef, 417F13
Position: 29°59.560'N / 88°31.870'W 12454.8/47020.9/29606.2

While awaiting the arrival of the two new reefs, a dive was made on the Gwen Tide to assess the Storm Damage. This 180 foot supply boat was sunk on November 11, 2003 near the southwest end of FH-13 in 84 feet of water. At the time of sinking the top of the wheelhouse had a minimum depth reading of 44 feet. The wheelhouse had previously been reported to have “ripped-off” following Hurricane Ivan and the new minimum depth reading of 63 feet was recorded at the top of the forward mast. This reading is now 71 feet indicating further scouring into the bottom. Other depth measurements include 77 to 80 feet along the gunwhales, 74 feet along the railing, 86 feet at the top of the port engine stack, 79 feet at the top of the forward winch, 77' to 85' at the top and bottom of the Port Stairs, 99 feet at the base of the bow, and 94 feet at the Stern which is slightly below sediment. Since the surrounding water depth is 84 feet, these measurements show that significant scouring is taking place. At the time of sinking, the Stern water clearance was recorded at 64 feet indicating a drop of 30 feet at the Stern. The gunwale and mast measurements indicate around 9 feet of drop since the August 7, 2005 visit, most which can be attributed to Hurricane Katrina. The Bow and Stern depth readings indicate a scouring depression of around 15 feet at the bow and 10 feet at the Stern. In addition, sediment is now covering the Stern area. Fish Observations included Red Snapper (20-25/1-3 lbs.)(3-6/5-10 lbs.), Triggerfish (6-8), Sheepshead (6-8), Mangrove Snapper (4-6/1-2 lbs.), Blue Runners (75-100), Gag Grouper (6-8/1-10 lbs.), one Scamp, and a Blue Angel. Also a large sea cucumber was sighted on the top deck. Encrustation of barnacles and other growth on this reef was pronounced. While the reef has taken severe damage, it is still serving it’s purpose.

060909a St. John, 436F13
Position: 30°00.391'N / 88°30.906'W 12464.5/47024.6/29619.4

This vessel was deployed near the south central area of FH-13 at the above coordinates on September 9, 2006. The surrounding water depth was 84 feet with a minimum water clearance reading of 40 feet recorded. The vessel appears to have landed upright with the bow facing West.

060909b Tuan Phong, 437F13
Position: 30°02.175'N / 88°31.349'W

This vessel was deployed near the location of the old site marker buoy near the center of FH-13 at the above coordinates on September 9, 2006. The surrounding water depth was 74 feet with a water clearance of 39 feet recorded. The vessel appears to have landed upright with the bow facing West.

Click Here for my full set of Deployment Photos on these 2 reefs

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