Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
July 12 thru August 9, 2007

During this period there was one dive monitoring trip conducted to the Casino Magic Barge in FH-1 and the Gerald C. Corcoran Reef in FH-13 on July 21. Additional deployments and other activity may be covered by the DMR under a separate report.

021119 Casino Magic Barge 324F1
Position: 30°03.147'N / 88°36.448'W

This 250' Barge was deployed in FH-1 on November 19, 2002 along with 60 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). Two APCs were left on the Deck of the Barge near the Stern. It was desired to find these 2 APCs for observation since individually deployed APCs have not been able to be located. It is unknown at this time if the Aluminum APCs reacted with the Seawater or if they were simply moved by Storms, or a combination. Unfortunately, this dive was once again plagued by poor visibility only yielding about a foot on the Barge. Significant effort made to locate the APCs failed. Due to the poor visibility it can not be said with certainty that they are no longer present on the deck of the barge, but enough effort was made that their presence is heavily doubted. The visibility rendered fish counts mostly futile, but significant numbers of Blue Runners, Spade Fish, and Mackerel were seen in the clear mid water above the structure. In addition, there was a school of Red Snapper in the mix numbering about 20-25 with a size of about 4-8 lbs each. Deployment pictures can be found online by Clicking Here

060624 Gerald C. Corcoran Reef 435F13
Position: 29°59.527'N / 88°30.610'W

Following the dive in FH-1, a dive was made on this 145' River Tug Boat in FH-13, previously named the “Linda Susan”. The Vessel is sitting upright in 86 feet of water with a clearance of about 49 feet. The significant height allowed the wheel house to extend up into the clear mid-water and provided a most enjoyable dive experience. The wheel house is easily penetrated, entering through the rear door and exiting through the front windows. Fish swim freely in and out of it. This reef is developing quite well with significant marine fouling and fish populations. Fish observations included Blue Runners (400-500), Spadefish (200-300), Cigar Minnows (300-400), Red Snapper (20-25/1-6 lbs.), Lane Snapper (6-8/1-2 lbs.), Grey Snapper (30-40/ 1-4 lbs.), Triggerfish (8-10/1-3 lbs.), Grouper (6-8/1-8 lbs.), and Sheepshead (8-10/3-6 lbs.). Tropical sightings included Cocoa Damsels, Blennies, a large Blue Angel, and a yellow Spotfin Butterfly. Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, and Arrow Crabs were also setting up residence. Overall this year old reef is developing quite well and is highly recommended for Divers.

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