Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Partial Activity Report for the Period
April 12 thru June 14, 2007

During this period there were 3 trips. On May 20, an attempt was made to replace the piling light at Keesler Reef. On June 6, the final 60 artificial reef pyramids were deployed in FH-13. On May 13, a dive monitoring trip was made to visit a pyramid deployment in FH-13. Additional deployments and other activity may be covered by the DMR under a separate report.

070606 Pyramids
On June 6, this final load of 60 artificial reef pyramids was deployed in the south end of FH-13. The first 4 groups contained 9 units, placing 2 units close together, moving north 100 feet, placing 5 units, then moving another 100 feet north and placing 2 more. The next 3 groups contained 5 units each and the final group consisted of 7 units. Two units were placed as control reefs. This created 8 separate reef groupings. The contractor, Walter Marine (see http://www.reefmaker.com), deployed the Tetrahedron shaped units which are 8 feet tall with a 12 foot base and weigh 3.5 tons each. They have several designs available and this one is called “Florida Limestone” and sells for $995 each. This was the only design that did not move after hurricanes Ivan and Katrina. These units were deployed at the following coordinates:

469F13-070606A. 3000.014 8832.004 12453.4/47023.0/29606.7
470F13-070606B. 2959.827 8831.599 12457.5/47022.1/29610.0
471F13-070606C. 2959.706 8831.155 12462.0/47021.8/29614.1
472F13-070606D. 3000.112 8831.291 12460.6/47023.3/29614.3
473F13-070606E. 2959.803 8830.704 12466.5/47022.1/29618.9
474F13-070606F. 2959.471 8830.127 12472.4/47020.7/29623.3
475F13-070606G. 3000.179 8830.470 12468.9/47020.7/29623.3
476F13-070606H. 3000.152 8830.023 12473.4/47023.7/29627.2

070306B Pyramids, 457F13
Position: 30°03.733'N / 88°32.339'W

This trip was conducted on May 13, 2007. Initially, group 459F13 was searched for, because the coordinates showed it slightly outside the boundaries of FH-13. However, this grouping was not found so it is suspected there was a typo in the reported coordinates. After failing to locate that group, a visit was made to nearby group 457F13. This group was found very close to the originally reported coordinates of 30°03.740/88°32.342. Visibility on the bottom was only around 10 feet, but it allowed 5 units in this group to be seen. Three of them were very close together, in fact one of the units landed with one corner on the edge of another causing it to lean over. Another one landed on it’s side probably due to hitting one of the other units as it was placed on the bottom. While no larger game fish were sighted, there were numerous baitfish seen such as cigar minnows (50-75), blue runners (100-150), spade fish (24-48), and even a few juvenile red snapper (10-15). Marine Fouling was beginning to take hold on this 2 month old reef, but no heavy barnacles, urchins, or anemones were sighted. While still early to tell, the reefs appear to be on their way to producing some quality fish.
Click Here for the pictures and video.

Keesler Reef Piling
A letter was received from the Coast Guard dated March 21, 2007, advising that the MGFB Keesler Reef Piling was reported missing. MGFB Members indicated that the 2 pilings were still in place with day markers, but that our piling was missing a light. A light was ordered and on May 20, a trip was made with the intent to replace it. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the MGFB piling was completely missing and a new Coast Guard Lighted Piling was in place. The original coordinates were 30021.903/8853.077. The other piling that has been there a long time is at 3021.778/8852.911. The new piling is marked WR2 with red dayboards and is located at 3021.732/8852.903. It doesn’t make much sense to have 3 pilings at this small reef site, so more communication with the Coast Guard is required in regard to this reef marker.
Click Here for pictures of the existing pilings.

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