Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
October 9 thru November 12, 2009

During this period there were 3 Construction Trips and no Reef Monitoring Trips. On October 12, Culverts were deployed near the Fireboat in FH-2. On October 14, Culverts were deployed in FH-1 near Barge B. On October 30, Culverts were deployed inside Ship Island on FH-9. Click Here for the PDF Report

Deployment Summaries

On October 12, a Barge Load of Culverts was deployed in FH-2 near the Fireboat Reef. The surrounding depth was 56 feet. The Tide was 0.2 feet. Winds were from the SE at 14 knots.

On October 14, a Barge Load of Culverts was deployed in FH-1 near Barge B. The surrounding depth was 64 feet, the tide was 1.5 feet, winds were from the East at 12 knots.

On October 30, a Barge Load of Culverts was deployed over 2 separate Targets in FH-9. Winds were ESE at 18 knots, the tide was 1.0 feet, the surrounding depth was 18 feet with a minimum depth of 16 feet recorded.

In all these Deployments, Coordinates were taken on the Anchored Barge which was laying mostly in an East-West orientation, so most of the material will be found looking to the North and South of the given coordinates.

091012 Fireboat Culverts, 511F2, 3005.479'N / 8832.883'W 12444.1/47045.2/29620.7
091014 FH1B-Barge Culverts, 512F1, 3003.904'N / 8836.443'W 12408.2/47038.5/29578.3
091030A FH-9 Culverts, 513F9, 3015.903'N / 8853.883'W 12227.0/47082.2/29450.0
091030B FH-9 Culverts, 514F9, 3015.924'N / 8854.196'W 12223.7/47082.4/29446.8

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Author: Mark Primo Miller, Gautier, MS 39553