Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
November 12, 2009 thru January 14, 2010

During this period there were 2 Reef Construction Trips and 1 Reef Monitoring Trip. On November 13, the Matthews Barge was deployed in FH-12. Following that deployment, Lark Reef was created in FH-1 utilizing 3 Larks along with Culverts and Metal Buildings. On November 24, the Great Wicomico Pogey Boat was deployed in FH-13. On November 14, a Reef Monitoring Trip was attempted to FH-13, but water visibility was extremely poor due to recent winds, so the efforts were fruitless. Click Here for the PDF Report

091113A Matthews Barge 515F12
Position: 3001.480'N / 8845.854'W     12313.3/47028.4/29472.9

On November 13, the DMR and Matthews Marine were met at the South end of FH-12 for the deployment of a large Hopper Barge bearing the numbers ATM2016. The barge is estimated at 12' Tall, 195' long, and 35' wide. The barge was previously being used by Matthews Marine for the deployment of Limestone and Crushed Concrete. During one of her deployment efforts, the Barge buckled at the Center terminating its usefullness. Matthews Marine then donated the Barge as a Reef. Conditions were good with light NE winds @ 5 knots, Tide was at 0.8', the surrounding depth was 42' with a minimum depth of 27' recorded. Water flow started about 8AM and she finally yielded to the bottom at about 1130AM. The Bow is facing approximately 300.

091113B Lark Reef 516F1
Position: 3003.448'N / 8836.369'W     12408.4/47036.8/29571.7

Following the Barge Deployment, another Tug and Barge were met at FH-1. This was a deck barge loaded with 3 Larks along with various Culverts and Metal Buildings. The Barge was anchored with its center in position 3003.443' N 8836.386'W. The material was then deployed off the edges of the barge with the Larks resting near the above coordinates. Winds were North @ 10 knots, the tide at 1.0 feet. The surrounding depth was 65 feet with a minimum clearance of 58 feet recorded.

091124 Great Wicomico Reef 517F13
Position: 2959.794'N / 8829.892'W

This 175' Pogey Boat was donated by Omega Protein and deployed in FH-13 on November 24, 2009.

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Author: Mark Primo Miller, Gautier, MS 39553