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Activity Report for the Period
January 10 - April 11, 2013

During this period there was 1 Reef Monitoring Trip. On March 17, 2013, a dive monitoring trip was made to assess the Mike Jenner Tug Boat and the Great Wicomico Pogey Boat, both inside southern FH-13. The dedication plaque that was secured to the bow railing on November 10 had succumbed to Marine Fouling and was retrieved for analysis and possible replacement. Visibility was excellent on the Mike Jenner, but poor on the Wicomico located less than 3/4 of a mile away. Red Snapper were abundant on most of the FH-13 reefs, but a bit weaker on the Mike Jenner denoting some heavier use.

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060624 Mike Jenner Reef 435F13
Position: 2959.527'N / 8829.610'W

This 145' River Tug Boat is sitting upright in about 86' of water within FH-13. Visibility was good with about 50-60 feet above the wheelhouse, 30-40 feet within the wheelhouse, with the heavy murk layer starting at the base of the next deck. Fish sightings included Red Snapper (16-20/10-20 lbs.), Spadefish (100-150), Sheepshead (16-20/2-8 lbs.), Cobia (3-6/20-30 lbs.), and Scamp (1/1 lbs.). Arrow Crabs, Cocoa Damsels, Blennies, Spiny Urchins, Soft Corals, and a Sea Cucumber were also observed. No Triggerfish were observered. Depth measurements were taken as follows: 56 feet at the top of the tallest Mast, 66 feet at the top of the secondary Mast, 71'at the horizontal of the Main Mast, and 75' at the top of the Aft Box.

091124 Great Wicomico 517F13
Position: 2959.794'N / 8829.892'W 86' Depth

This 175' Pogey Boat was donated by Omega Protein and deployed in FH-13 on 8November 24, 2009. Surprisingly the visibility on this dive was quite poor. It is only located about 0.68 nm at 66 from the Mike Jenner were exceptional visibility was enjoyed. Fish sightings were limited, but a very healthy school of Red Snapper (50-75/10-20lbs.) and a half dozen Cobia (20-30lbs) were seen just above the murk layer at about 60 feet. The Smoke Stack was the only material that rose above the murk layer and measured at a depth of 68 feet. The Bow pulpit was recorded at a depth of 79 feet. No tropicals were observed.

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