Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.

Activity Report for the Period
July 11 - August 8, 2013

During this period there was one reef monitoring trip on August 2 to the Jumbo Barge in FH-7.

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860701 Jumbo Barge 125F7
Position: 2936.870'N / 8824.593'W 130'Depth

This large Sea-Going Barge was deployed in 1986, but few details were recorded at the time. It is estimated to be around 400 feet in length with a two story wheel house. The bow was determined to be about 23.5 feet above the bottom in 1989. This visit showed it to be about 20 feet with some scouring evident at the base. The maximum depth was recorded at 135', the minimum depth was 111 feet, the bow was at 115 feet, the top of the wheelhouse at 112 feet, and the surrounding depth was 130 feet. Visibility was very good on top but unfortunately dropped to about 10 feet on the structure. The structure held numbers of soft corals but no significant height. A Gag Grouper (~10-15 pounds) greeted me as I approached the structure and additional fish sightings included Red Snapper (50-75/1-10lbs), Triggerfish(10-15), Mangrove Snapper (1/2 lbs.), Vermillion Snapper (50-75), Tomtates (50-75), Cigar Minnows (100-150), Soapfish (8-10), a single Blue Angel, and a single Spotfin Butterfly. When comparing the fish observations with the April 27 visit, it is worth noting significantly less Red Snapper, Scamp Grouper, and Spadefish. http://youtu.be/Y7V2-9grE7o

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