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Activity Report for the Period
October 10, 2012 - January 10, 2013

During this period there were 3 dive trips made. On October 24, a trip was made to retrieve the EVA chemical testing plates and ship them to Uconn for analysis. On November 10, a trip was made to deploy the Mike Jenner Reef dedication plaque in FH-13. On December 8, a trip was made to the Southern Star Shrimp Boat in FH-13.

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Chemical Testing

MGFB contracted with Dr. Penny Vlahos with the University of Connecticut to test some of our waters for chemicals. EVA testing plates were deployed on the MyWifeII in FH-14 on September 22, 2012. On October 9, they were retrieved and new ones were deployed on the Colle Tug in FH-2. On October 24, those plates were retrieved and sent to Uconn for analysis. Some preliminary results are reported as follows, but more information and details should follow next month:
Station 1 Station 2 ng/L STD ng/L STD Atrazine 147 20 135 35 Diazinone 2 0.8 4 3 Metolachlor 25 8 26 8 Dieldrin 6 4 15 13

Also quantified for twelve PAHs ; naphthalene, acenaphyene, fluorene, phenthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, chryses, Benz(a)anthracene, benzo(a)pyrene, dibenz(ah)anthracene, benzo(ghi)perylene of which two were detected on the plates and water sample. Station 1 Station 2 ng/L STD ng/L STD Fluoranthene 45 20 140 30 Pyrene 13 0.1 14 1

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060624 Mike Jenner Tug Boat 435F13
Position: 2959.794'N / 8829.892'W

On November 10, we installed the Dedication Plaque for the Mike Jenner Tug Boat that was provided by J.R. Titmus. The installation went smooth. Fish observations during the event included Cobia (3/20-40lbs.), Red Snapper (8-12/8-20lbs.), Grouper (2 lbs.), Mangrove Snapper (8-12/1-3lbs.), Spadefish (40-50), and Tomtates. An unusual sighting was that of a Spanish Hogfish which we normally only see on deeper reefs along with their cousin the Cuban Hogfish. Also sighted were yellow sea anenome, arrow crabs, a sea cucumber, and several Cocoa Damsels. A depth reading of 55 feet was taken at the top of the aft mast. It was also worth noting that there were much fewer Red Snapper sighted than previous recent visits. This may denote some increased fishing pressure from the commercial sector since the recreational season has been closed.


100331A Southern Star 526F13
Position: 3002.082'N / 8830.916'W 76' Depth

This 80' Shrimp Boat was deployed in about 76' of water within FH-13. This visit was met with poor visibility but there was a significant Red Snapper population along with a Cobia and the usual spadefish and mangrove snapper. Cocoa Damsels were also sighted on the forward mast which measured about 45' below the surface. A depth reading of 60 feet was taken on the top of the wheelhouse. http://gallery.primofish.com/2012/Fishing_Diving/MGFB/121208_Southern_Star_Luke_Paul/

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