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Activity Report for the Period
October 10 - November 14, 2013

During this period there was one reef monitoring trip. On October 12, a trip was made to FH-13 and dives were made on several 2011 Culvert deployments - 110303B , 110311B, 110315A, as well as the Tiger Shark Shrimp Boat. These Culverts were chosen because historically, surveys have shown that artificial reefs experience peak production at 2-3 years of age, An attempt was also made to dive the BRT (Big Round Thing from NASA), but it was not located.

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110303B Culverts
Position: 3003.619'N/8831.810'W 68'Depth 110303B Video: http://youtu.be/PPyVu2Ox0p4
This material is located in the north central area of FH-13 and was deployed on March 3, 2011. The visibility was not good but not ideal and limited the fish observations which included Red Snapper (75-100/2-15 lbs), Triggerfish (8-12), and Spadefish (50-75). During the previous month, several Gag Grouper were sighted here, but none on this visit. Several large Pink Meanie Jellyfish were seen transiting the area. This is a new species discovered a couple years ago.

110311B Culverts
Position: 3002.596'N/8831.108'W 72'Depth 110311B Video: http://youtu.be/Y-X38V1XS8M

Moving further south a visit was made on these Culverts. The water conditions were better with excellent visibility above 5 feet off the bottom. More Pink Meanie Jellies were seen here and a very healthy population of year 1 and 2 red snapper (150-200). Also sighted were Triggerfish (8-12), Spadefish (75-100), Mangrove Snapper (12-15/1-3 lbs), and some larger Red Snapper (25-50/8-20 lbs). Sea Whips were also observed attached to most of the Culverts.

110315A Culverts
Position: 3002.174'N/8832.143'W 77'Depth 110315A Video: http://youtu.be/6DCwEVBFKzE

Moving even more south a visit was made on these Culverts. There was a healthier population of larger Red Snapper here (75-100/8-20 lbs) and we also sighted a large Hammerhead Shark (100-125 lbs) and a Cobia (30 lbs). Water conditions were similar to 110311B, clear down to within 5 feet of the bottom. There was also a good population of juvenile Red Snapper (150-200), Triggerfish (8-12), Spadefish (75-100), Mangrove Snapper (12-15/1-3 lbs).

090709 Tiger Shark Shrimp Boat 495F13
Position: 3000.291'N/8829.700'W 88' Depth Tiger Shark Video: http://youtu.be/0obKcWRRKMw
This large Shrimp Boat was rescued from the beach in Biloxi and deployed in the Southeast end of FH-13 and lays on her port side. Having a little more relief, it supported a nice school of Cobia (8-10/20-40 lbs), Red Snapper (100-150/2-20 lbs), Triggerfish (8-10), Tomtates (50-75), Soapfish (4-6), an Adult Blue Angel, and a Lionfish (~14"). Before this dive, an attempt was made to dive on the BRT but the visibility was very poor within 20 feet of the bottom and it was not located. A piece of material was located but was unidentified. It was somewhat cylindrical and had ribs which looks like what was coming out of the side of the unit. Another visit will be needed when the visibility is better.

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